EPA’s “ChemView” Tool Expands Access to Scientific and Regulatory Information on Chemicals

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EPA’s “ChemView” Tool Expands Access to Scientific and Regulatory Information on Chemicals

On September 9th, the US EPA announced the launch of its new, web-based tool, “ChemView”.  ChemView is a database that provides efficient access to scientific and regulatory information on chemicals.

The database allows the user to search for a chemical by name, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) number, use, regulatory action, or hazard effect.  It also allows the user to compare chemicals based on use or their environmental or health effects. According to the EPA News Release, ChemView will also “link to information on manufacturing, processing, use, and release data reported under the Chemical Data Reporting Rule, and the Toxics Release Inventory.”

The EPA is in the process of updating the database and will continuously add new data in the coming months.  Once complete, the data base will contain information on thousands of chemicals.

In the EPA News Release, James Jones, assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP), voiced the hope that ChemView will “increase public dialogue and awareness, and help views choose safer ingredients used in everyday products.”  He went on to say that the tool will make information more readily available to both “chemical decision makers” and consumers.

ChemView is part of a concerted effort by the EPA to “increase the availability of information on chemicals as part of commitment to strengthen the existing chemicals program and improve access and usefulness of chemical data and information.”

A link to the EPA New Release is available here.

The ChemView database is located here.

The EPA has also published a Comprehensive User’s Guide for ChemView.



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