Fear The Pier: Halloween Concert to Benefit New Jersey First Responders

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September 16, 2013
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September 16, 2013
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Fear The Pier: Halloween Concert to Benefit New Jersey First Responders

Last month, we featured an article about Sara Brilliant (daughter of Phil Brilliant), Amanda Kacperowski, and the Hurricane Sandy benefit concerts that they organized together after Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore.

Now, Sara and Amanda are planning a third event: a concert and Halloween fest called “Fear the Pier”. The event, which will take place on November 3rd at Hemingway’s Café in Seaside Heights , will take on additional meaning, given that the Jersey Shore recently suffered another tragedy; a fire that engulfed and destroyed dozens of business and landmarks along the Seaside boardwalk. In the fire, around $3,000 of unsold merchandise from the past Pier Pressure concerts, that was for sale at a stand on the board walk, was destroyed.

Before the fire, the Jersey Shore was is still in need of restoration from Hurricane Sandy’s lasting impact.  Now, there is even more need for relief and rebuilding.

Sara and Amanda ask for your support to make “Fear the Pier” a success.  Any and all donations will help. All proceeds from “Fear the Pier” will be donated to the NJAA First Responders Relief Fund, which provides relief to the firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and other first responders who lost or sustained damage to their homes and business.  The Fund provides them with basic needs and the resources to rebuild and restore their property. New Jersey’s First Responders put their lives on the line to help others during both the fire and the storm, so they are all the more deserving of aid.

Donations can be made by check made payable to: “NJAA 1st Responders Relief Fund” and sent to: c/o Amanda Kacperowski 1825 Tall Ships Ct., Toms River, NJ 08755

Watch the Promotional Video for the event here.

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