Important Updates and Training for LSRPs

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May 23, 2013
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May 23, 2013
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Important Updates and Training for LSRPs

Updates to Historic Fill Material and Diffuse Anthropogenic Pollutants Technical Guidance

The NJDEP has updated the Historic Fill and Diffuse Anthropogenic Pollutants (DAP) Technical Guidance.  Please note the following key points:

  • The technical document will now only describe the investigation of historic fill.  Please note that this is a new web address; if you previously created an internet shortcut to this document, please replace it with this web address.
  • Administrative issues regarding DAP can be found in this technical guidance.
  • Technical issues regarding the identification and investigation of DAP are being addressed by the stakeholder committee addressing Offsite Source Investigation/Documentation.
  • The technical guidance has been amended to clarify that it is not necessary to notify the NJDEP when DAP is discovered at a site.

New Notices Available for Response Action Outcomes

The NJDEP is aware that the Model Response Action Outcome (RAO) Document promulgated as Appendix D in the Administrative Requirements for the Remediation for Contaminated Sites (ARRCS, N.J.A.C. 7:26C) does not address certain situations that may occur at sites where remediation is concluding.  When appropriate, the NJDEP works with remediating parties and LSRPs to ensure that RAOs accurately reflect site-specific conditions and implemented remedial actions.  To that extent, the NJDEP has created several new RAO Notices which are available to LSRPs for their use when writing RAOs (see list below).  These Notices, as well as a description of the NJDEP’s approval process for other RAO modifications are posted on the NJDEP’s website.  New RAO Notices are available for the following situations:

  • In-Service Railroad Lines, Spurs and Sidings Not Remediated
  • Historic Fill Notice for Area of Concern RAO (RAO-A)
  • Soil Contamination From an Offsite Source Remains Onsite
  • General
  • Diffuse Anthropogenic Pollution

Downloadable versions of these RAO Notices are available here.

Updated Child Care Website Now Available

The NJDEP is pleased to announce updates to the Child Care/Educational Facilities website to reflect the requirements of the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA, N.J.S.A 58:10C-1 et seq.). The updated website is designed to educate responsible entities (child care center owner-operators, educational facilities, property owners, and others) and LSRPs as to the requirements for evaluating and remediating a site with a sensitive population, how to navigate through the multi-agency regulatory process, how to apply for financial grant reimbursements, and to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Philip I Brilliant, CHMM, LSRP will be presenting at the upcoming full day course on the LSRP program with a focus on Professional Judgment: Concepts and Applications sponsored by New Jersey Water Environment Association (NJWEA) Site Remediation Committee. The course is on June 13, 2013 and is being held at the Eatontown Sheraton.  The course will feature many of the key NJDEP managers as well as private sector attorneys and practicing LSRPs for presentations and panel discussions on this important topic.  Pending the LSRP Board’s approval, three Regulatory and three Technical Continuing Education Credits will be received for attending this course.  You may also receive six Training Contact Hours to satisfy other certification training requirements.

Please visit the  NJWEA Site Remediation Committee website to download the flyer and registration form.

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