Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Continue

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August 15, 2013
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Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Continue

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Sara Brilliant (daughter of Phil Brilliant) and her friend Amanda Kacperowski launched “Pier Pressure,” a series of Hurricane Sandy Relief concerts showcasing local and national bands, to benefit people in their community who suffered damages from the storm.

Sara and Amanda were inspired and motivated to use their love of music, local bands, and social media to help those in need. In three short weeks, the teens successfully planned, and then held, the first of the concerts on December 1, 2012 . At the first concert alone, they raised $15,000 for the New Jersey Amusement Association’s First Responders Fund and for the Toms River Regional Schools Hurricane Relief Fund. Later, on May 19, 2013, they planned and held a second Pier Pressure Hurricane Relief concert, which was also highly successful. Together, they have raised over $30,000.

Though it has been a number of months since Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, the storm’s impacts are still apparent. Amanda and Sara continue their efforts to raise funds to help those impacted and are coming together to plan a third concert around the first anniversary of the storm, with a tentative date of November 2, 2013 being tossed around. Due to notification of a Trademark issue with a California based
company, they have renamed their efforts for the last concert and will be known
as “Fear the Pier Hurricane Sandy Relief Halloween Concert.”  More information will follow.

They run a website, through which they sell concert T-shirts, neon tank tops, and wrist bands with the Pier Pressure logo.  All proceeds are donated to the NJAA First Responders Hurricane Relief Fund, a fund that provides First Responders with resources to rebuild their damaged homes and businesses, shelter, food, and other basic needs.

As Sara and Amanda said on their website, first responders “walked away from their families and homes to help others during and immediately after Hurricane Sandy.  We want to help them get their lives back, as they helped so many others.”  Tank tops, concert t-shirts and wrist-bands are available at:

Continued efforts to provide support to Sandy victims are particularly important, given that residents and business owners throughout the Jersey Shore report a decrease in tourism this summer. reports that in Seaside, tourism increased right after the storm, but now the usual summer crowds are not to be found. They write that “After Hurricane Sandy, tourists flocked to the decimated Ocean County borough to witness the power of the storm, which snapped off the end of Casino Pier, including the Jet Star roller coaster, and plummeted the ride, nearly intact, into the ocean. Crowds jockeyed for the best views to snap photographs of the coaster, sharing their summertime memories.” But now that the shock-factor has worn off, tourism is much slower than it was in past summers.

More information about Sara and Amanda can be found in an article that is featured on Inspirational Teens page of the inspire me 2 aspire (IM2A) Inspiration Portal.

To get up to date information on Sara and Amanda, their next concert and future plans, follow them on Facebook, “Fear the Pier Hurricane Sandy  Relief Halloween Concert” or on Twitter, @fearthepier.  To contact Sara and Amanda email



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