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March 27, 2013
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Staff Spotlight – Barbara Bish

Barbara Bish


Title: Finance Director/Office Manager

Brilliant Office: Toms River, NJ

Years with Brilliant: 7 years 4 months

Main Job Responsibilities: See our Leadership page





Where did you grow up?

Hazlet, NJ

What is your favorite meal that you cook?

I would have to say “Sunday Dinner”. If I am cooking a meal like that, it means one of two things: My entire family will be eating together which is pretty often or my husband and I are having a leisurely weekend which is rare. Both make me happy.

If you could return to one place you have already been, free of charge for one week, to where would you go?

St. Maarten – I only had one day to spend there and quickly discovered it is a place I would love to spend the whole week.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Live for today, not just for tomorrow.

In what book would you most like to be a character?

Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett of course.

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