NJDEP Launches May 2014 Remedial Investigation Deadline Extension Web Page

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January 9, 2014
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NJDEP Launches May 2014 Remedial Investigation Deadline Extension Web Page

A recent amendment to SRRA A-4543 provides responsible parties (RP) a 2 year extension of the May 7, 2014 timeframe to complete RI.  The bill provides 7 provisions that must be met to qualify.  The provisions are:

  1. An LSRP has been retained to conduct a remediation of the site.
  2. Mandatory remediation timeframes have been met for the site at the time of the certification.
  3. The following reports have been submitted to NJDEP and are technically complete:
  • Initial Receptor Evaluation (must be submitted).
  • IEC Source Control Report (if necessary).
  • LNAPL IRM Report (if necessary).
  • PA Report (if necessary).
  • SI Report (must be submitted).
  1. A Remediation Funding Source (RFS) has been established, if required by section 25 of SRRA, or
  2. A Remediation Trust Fund for the estimated cost of the RI has been established pursuant to section 25 of SRRA, if RFS was not required previously.
  3. All known oversight costs not in dispute on the date of enactment of the bill, have been paid to NJDEP.
  4. All annual fees for the remediation and RFS surcharges have been paid to the NJDEP.

Once the conditions are met the LSRP will fill out the RI Extension Authorization Form and the RI Extension Request Form.  The first form requires only the RP’s signature and the latter form requires both the LSRP’s and RP’s signature.  Once both forms are signed and scanned the LSRP will complete the extension request through the NJDEPonline portal and upload both scanned forms.  Once the extension request is completed and sent through the NJDEPonline portal the request is deemed complete and approved by NJDEP.  If an RP has multiple sites that need the extension the RP can “bundle” all sites into one Remediation Trust Fund (RTF) for the RI cost.  A form and spreadsheet are required to be submitted with the request and the RTF.

For more information about the the process for obtaining and extension, visit the NJDEP’s new May 2014 Remedial Investigation Deadline Extension Web Page.

The web page provides an overview of the Remedial Investigation Deadline Extension process.  It includes a description of the law, forms and instructions for submitting extension requests, Data Miner reports to determine whether the person meets the criteria to qualify for the extension, Frequently Asked Questions, and other relevant information.

It is available at: http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/timeframe/extension.html 

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