Acronyms and Initials

AAI All Appropriate Inquiry
ACM Asbestos Containing Material
ACO Administrative Consent Order
ACOE Army Corp of Engineers
AOC Area of Concern
ARS Alternative Remediation Standard
ARRCS Administrative Requirements for Remediation of Contaminated Sites
AST Aboveground Storage Tank
BDA Brownfield Development Area
BEE Baseline Ecological Evaluation
BMP Best Management Practices
CAFRA Coastal Area Facilities Review Act
CZM Coastal Zone Management
CEA Classification Exception Area
CERCLA Comprehensive, Environmental, Response, Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund)
CNS Covenant Not to Sue
DCA Department of Community Affairs
DEP Department of Environmental Protection
DLUR Division of Land Use Regulations
DNAPL Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid
DRO Diesel Range Organics
EDA Economic Development Authority
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPH Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FID Flame Ionization Detector
FWPA Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act
GIN General Information Notice
GIS Geographic Information System
GP General Permit
GPD Gallons Per Day
GWQS Groundwater Quality Standards
HDSRF Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund
IEC Immediate Environmental Concern
IGW Impact to Groundwater
IP Individual Permit
ISRA Industrial Site Recovery Act
LNAPL Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid
LOI Letter of Interpretation
LBP Lead-Based Paint
LSRP Licensed Site Remediation Professional
MDL Minimum Detection Limit
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MW Monitoring Well
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
NFA No Further Action
NJPDES New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NOD Notice of Deficiency
NOV Notice of Violation
NPL National Priority List
NRDCSCS Non-Residential Direct Contact Soil Cleanup Standard
NRD Natural Resource Damage
OSG Office of Smart Growth
PA Preliminary Assessment
PAHs Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
PCBs Polychlorinated Biphenyls
PDC Pinelands Development Credits
PDM Processed Dredge Material
PHC Petroleum Hydrocarbons
PID Photo Ionization Detector
POTW Publicly Owned Treatment Works
PP Priority Pollutants
PPB Parts Per Billion
PPM Parts Per Million
PQL Practical Quantification Level
PRP Potentially Responsible Party
PWTA Private Well Testing Act
RAO Response Action Outcome
RAR Remedial Action Report
RAW Remedial Action Workplan
RE Receptor Evaluation
RIR Remedial Investigation Report
RI Remedial Investigation
SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act
SI Site Investigation
SIR Site Investigation Report
SRP Site Remediation Program
SRPLB Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board
SRRA Site Remediation Reform Act
SWQS Surface Water Quality Standards
TICs Tentatively Identified Compounds
TWA Treatment Works Approval
UHOT Unregulated Heating Oil Tank
UST Underground Storage Tank
VCP Voluntary Cleanup Program
VI Vapor Intrusion
VIG Vapor Intrusion Guidance
VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds
WMP Wastewater Management Plan
WQMP Water Quality Management Plan
WRA Well Restriction Area