Department of Veterans Affairs, CARES Program, Various Locations Throughout US

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) retained the services of Brilliant to provide expert real estate advisory services for the redevelopment of properties located on various medical campuses throughout the United States. The services provided to the VA in this Task Order (TO) included transaction analysis, consultation, recommendations and negotiations on the following issues:

  • environmental
  • valuation
  • legal
  • management
  • technical
  • financial
  • real estate market

Brilliant also drafted required documents for the redevelopment project at VA Northern Indiana Health Care System (VANIHCS) Marion, Indiana Campus. The real estate advisor (Contractor) provided real estate analysis and transaction assistance that accomplished the execution of an Enhanced-Use Lease (EUL) on the site which was awarded to a preferred lessee that maximized the benefits and potential savings to VA.

Brilliant conducted site inspections to review the environmental issues onsite and obtain visual evidence of the potential presence of hazardous substances or petroleum products indicating an existing or past release or a threat of a release onto the property. Brilliant prepared a Phase I Environmental Assessment/All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), focusing on the impact for successful future redevelopment efforts.

Services were provided to the VA at the following locations:

                      • Phoenix, AZ
                      • St. Louis, MO
                      • Montrose, NY
                      • Castle Point, NY
                      • Marion, IN
                      • Lincoln, NE