Pennsylvania ACT 2

The Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, commonly known as “ACT 2”, allows a risk-based approach to be applied to the cleanup of a contaminated site.  Cleanup of a property is achieved under this approach by obtaining one or a combination of three compliance standards.  These compliance standards include a background standard, statewide health standard or site specific standard.  The choice of which standard, or combination of standards, is a critical choice in establishing the cost effectiveness and timeliness of any remediation project.

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) is an expert in working under ACT 2 to employ the appropriate combination of compliance standards so as to pursue closure of any contaminated site in the most cost effective manner.  Brilliant utilizes a three stageapproach which follows ACT 2 guidance to achieve a release of liability:

  1. Initial Determination: Investigation of current site conditions to determine whether the reported indication of the presence of contamination was accurate.
  2. Site Characterization: Evaluation of the source, extent, degree and exposure risks associated with any contamination.
  3. Remedial Action:  Develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate or remediate the contamination, hence eliminating the potential for human or ecological exposure.

Brilliant provides environmental compliance, consulting, remediation and litigation support services in conjunction with Pennsylvania’s ACT 2 (Brownfields) Program.  Brilliant is involved in numerous cases where we have been able to demonstrate that the contamination detected on a site was historic or naturally occurring or the result of contamination migrating from another site.  By doing so, Brilliant has been able to reduce or eliminate our client’s responsibility for remediation.