Preliminary Assessments

PA in Accordance with the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) is a recognized industry leader in the field of professional environmental consulting services.  Brilliant staff experience in environmental assessment of properties, hazardous and solid waste site identification and remediation, is ideally suited to provide the range of services required for the completion of Preliminary Assessments (PA) in New Jersey.

PA must be conducted in compliance with the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (NJAC 7:26E) to obtain protection from potential liability under the New Jersey Spill Act as an innocent landowner, a contiguous property owner, or a bona fide prospective purchaser.

PA for Child Care Center Licensing Requirements

Brilliant professional staff is knowledgeable and prepared to expedite the environmental requirements as set forth by NJAC 10:122-5.2, requiring the receipt of a Response Action Outcome (RAO) from an LSRP prior to the issuance of a new Child Care Center License.  Brilliant will provide the required PA report and evaluate the property for all required hazards such as Indoor Air, Soil Quality, and Potable Water.