Real Estate Due Diligence

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments/All Appropriate Inquiries

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) is a recognized industry leader in the field of professional environmental consulting services. Brilliant’s staff experience in environmental assessment of properties, hazardous and solid waste site identification and remediation, and other due diligence services is ideally suited to provide the range of services required for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)/All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI).

Due Diligence must be conducted in compliance with either of these standards to obtain protection from potential liability under CERCLA as an innocent landowner, a contiguous property owner, or a bona fide prospective purchaser.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II ESA are generally undertaken following the completion of a Phase I to evaluate an area with the presence or potential presence of environmental liabilities at the subject property. A Phase II ESA is an intrusive investigation completed to confirm the findings of the Phase I and may include soil and groundwater sample collection, tank testing, tank location, drilling, and/or test-pitting. A Phase II ESA Report will evaluate the potential magnitude of the environmental impact and recommend solutions.

Brilliant’s staff of experts are well qualified to assess the issues, develop an appropriate course of action incorporating the most scientifically defensible principles, negotiate with all parties, and complete the agreed upon scope of work within budget and on time.