Underground Storage Tank Contracting

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) provides services to residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental Underground Storage Tank (UST) system owners and operators.  Our staff has consulted on thousands of projects involving system compliance management, retrofit and upgrade, testing services, abandonment, removal and closure certification, and follow-up assessment and rehabilitation for leaking UST sites.

Working in partnership with you, Brilliant will tailor a project approach in light of your specific site, resource, and time constraints.  We put just the right pieces in place by drawing on a combination of in-house services and proven contractors.  Our personnel are thoroughly familiar with the federal, State, and local regulatory guidelines governing storage tank systems and can put this experience to work for you by using the most cost-effective methods available. An industry leader, Brilliant applies the best combination of conventional innovative solutions to move impacted UST sites to closure.  This flexible approach is now even more important to UST owners, who face the challenge of working within limited budgets and demanding schedules to bring sites to closure.

Brilliant’s technicians are certified by Estabrook’s of Bay City, MI; the exclusive distributor of the EZY 3 Locator Plus Tank Testing System.  The EZY 3 Locator Plus consists of a microphone placed in the ullage portion of the underground tank.  The microphone is connected to the Acoustic Signal Processor and to a head set enabling the technician to listen to the acoustic sounds in the UST.  Using the motor/blower assembly, a slight negative pressure is applied to the UST system, and air and/or water will be drawn into the tank if a leak exists.  These acoustic signals are recognized by the technician and characterized as an ullage portion leak/hiss sound or product portion leak/bubble sound.

Our UST experts can create an approach that meets your unique needs.  We can manage your project through any or all of the four major phases: compliance management, removal/abandonment closure, site assessment, and site remediation.