NJDEP Issues Notice Regarding Mandatory Use of NJDEP Online Services and SRRA Forms

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) is sending this listserv as a reminder that in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26C-1.6(c), the use of the Preliminary Assessment (PA), Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI), Site Investigation (SI), Confirmed Discharge Notification (CDN), and General Information Notice (GIN) Online Services will become mandatory Monday, December 3, 2018, unless otherwise instructed by the Department. The Department will no longer accept PA, PA/SI, SI, CDN, or GINs, or supporting documentation submitted on paper on or after that date.

Additional information regarding this issue can be found in the September 4, 2018 Department listserv “[SRRA]: New Jersey Register Notice Regarding Mandatory Use of NJDEP Online Services” available at www.nj.gov/dep/srp/srra/listserv_archives/2018/20180904_srra.html.

In addition, the Department will be posting a new Case Creation Request Form and associated instructions on December 3, 2018. The form will be used when there is a new case (1) and the only area of concern is historic fill, (2) for an investigation of a Madden-subject educational facility, or (3) but there is no statutory or regulatory requirement to remediate, for which remediation is conducted for the purpose of obtaining a Response Action Outcome. Copies of the form and instructions will be found on the DEP website at www.nj.gov/dep/srp/srra/forms/.

The Department will also be posting an updated version of the Receptor Evaluation Form and associated instructions. Copies of the form and instructions will be found on the Department’s website at www.nj.gov/dep/srp/srra/forms/. The Update Log describing the changes to the form will be found at www.nj.gov/dep/srp/srra/forms/updatelog.htm.

For assistance with these NJDEP requirements as wells well as site remediation on your site, please contact marketing@brilliantenvironmental.com.