A Jersey Shore Marina

A Jersey Shore Marina

Monmouth County, New Jersey

Underwater excavation is called dredging. Many times an initial excavation is needed to establish a ship channel within a river or harbor. The periodic dredging that must be done to keep it clear and safe for navigation is called maintenance dredging. Port terminals and boat marinas must remove sediments on a regular basis. Sometimes contaminated sediments must be removed or capped to limit the release of contaminants. Once sediments are dredged from the waterway, they are called dredged material.

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (BES) worked with a Monmouth County marina owner to complete appropriate pre-application sampling and meetings, in preparation for the submission of Army Corp and NJDEP permits for dredging.  Working with NJDEP the dredged material was deemed suitable for use on a redevelopment project in New Jersey, so not only did the project improve the marina use, but the reuse of the material assisted economic development.  BES collected all samples for the project and prepared all permit applications.

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