A New Addition to the Brilliant Team

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) is excited to announce the addition of Sara Hodl to our staff as Director of Due Diligence/Geologic Services.  If the name sounds familar, that is because Sara has worked for Brilliant in the past, most recently leaving this past summer but back for greener pastures at the Jersey Shore. 

Sara is the Due Diligence Expert, having completed over 100 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and numerous Preliminary Assessments for clients in New Jersey.  Sara has an expertise in evaluating Recognized Environmental Concerns (REC) and Areas of Concern (AOC) to determine the proper course of investigation and potential costs for ultimate remedial action.  Sara has over 18 years of environmental consulting services and prior to entering the New Jersey consulting world, was a Geophysicist for ARCO working with the Middle East/Black Sea Exploration Group.

We are excited to have Sara as one of the Brilliant Team Members.