AAIAll Appropriate Inquiry
ACMAsbestos Containing Material
ACOAdministrative Consent Order
ACOEArmy Corp of Engineers
AOCArea of Concern
ARSAlternative Remediation Standard
ARRCSAdministrative Requirements for Remediation of Contaminated Sites
ASTAboveground Storage Tank
BDABrownfield Development Area
BEEBaseline Ecological Evaluation
BMPBest Management Practices
CAFRACoastal Area Facilities Review Act
CZMCoastal Zone Management
CEAClassification Exception Area
CERCLAComprehensive, Environmental, Response, Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund)
CNSCovenant Not to Sue
DCADepartment of Community Affairs
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DLURDivision of Land Use Regulations
DNAPLDense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid
DRODiesel Range Organics
EDAEconomic Development Authority
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPHExtractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FIDFlame Ionization Detector
FWPAFreshwater Wetlands Protection Act
GINGeneral Information Notice
GISGeographic Information System
GPGeneral Permit
GPDGallons Per Day
GWQSGroundwater Quality Standards
HDSRFHazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund
IECImmediate Environmental Concern
IGWImpact to Groundwater
IPIndividual Permit
ISRAIndustrial Site Recovery Act
LNAPLLight Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid
LOILetter of Interpretation
LBPLead-Based Paint
LSRPLicensed Site Remediation Professional
MDLMinimum Detection Limit
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MWMonitoring Well
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System
NFANo Further Action
NJPDESNew Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NODNotice of Deficiency
NOVNotice of Violation
NPLNational Priority List
NRDCSCSNon-Residential Direct Contact Soil Cleanup Standard
NRDNatural Resource Damage
OSGOffice of Smart Growth
PAPreliminary Assessment
PAHsPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
PCBsPolychlorinated Biphenyls
PDCPinelands Development Credits
PDMProcessed Dredge Material
PHCPetroleum Hydrocarbons
PIDPhoto Ionization Detector
POTWPublicly Owned Treatment Works
PPPriority Pollutants
PPBParts Per Billion
PPMParts Per Million
PQLPractical Quantification Level
PRPPotentially Responsible Party
PWTAPrivate Well Testing Act
RAOResponse Action Outcome
RARRemedial Action Report
RAWRemedial Action Workplan
REReceptor Evaluation
RIRRemedial Investigation Report
RIRemedial Investigation
SDWASafe Drinking Water Act
SISite Investigation
SIRSite Investigation Report
SRPSite Remediation Program
SRPLBSite Remediation Professional Licensing Board
SRRASite Remediation Reform Act
SWQSSurface Water Quality Standards
TICsTentatively Identified Compounds
TWATreatment Works Approval
UHOTUnregulated Heating Oil Tank
USTUnderground Storage Tank
VCPVoluntary Cleanup Program
VIVapor Intrusion
VIGVapor Intrusion Guidance
VOCsVolatile Organic Compounds
WMPWastewater Management Plan
WQMPWater Quality Management Plan
WRAWell Restriction Area