Brilliant's Message on Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an extraordinary situation that is seriously affecting all of our lives and no dobut putting a strain you.  Brilliant puts health and safety first, when it comes to our staff and family, our clients and the general public, so we understand there is a lot to deal with at home and on the job.  Brilliant supports you and is here for you today, as we go through this crisis and always.  We are strong and together we will make it through these tough and unpredictable times.  We have taken the following steps to protect our staff and support our family and yours, so as to take as much stress out of our lives as is humanly possible.

Working Remotely - As per Governor Murphy's Executive Order #107, all of Brilliant's staff has the capability to work remotely and will effective immediately.  We must promote social distancing, as such there will be no staff in our office, unless they are there as individuals to pick up supplies, equipment or check the mail.  Brilliant remains committed to carrying on operations as normally as possible and will continue to serve our clients with the highest quality service you expect.

Meetings - Brilliant will be using video and audio conferencing and will not be attending any face-to-face meetings.  If a site meeting or an emergency arises that requires a face-to-face, it will be evaluated at that time, however the health of our staff will always remain the highest priority.

Field Activities - Brilliant as a company, along with our LSRPs on staff understand our responsible to assure the protection of public health, safety and the environment.  As such, field inspections, field sampling and field operations will continue, with no more than 1 person in a company vehicle and social distancing will be followed while on sites.  The remediation of contaminated sites is a priority and whether a child care center, a retail service station, a Brownfields project or a residence, the soil, water and air quality will remain a priority to Brilliant, as such work will conitinue.  These field activites are consistent with Governor Murphy's Executive Order #107 and we will always remain caution while on site and check back with public officials if further clarification is necessary.

Changes Everyday - The news changes daily, the requirements change daily, but with 9 million New Jersey residents directed to stay home, work from home, teach their kids at home and observe social distancing, Brilliant will monitor the situation and adjust our plans accordingly.   We will keep our clients, staff and friends up dated if any changes occur.

These are difficult, trying and challenging times, like none of us have every experienced or imagined.  Physically, emotionally and economically, everyone in America will be effected.  Please follow the recommendations, protect yourselves and stay healthy.  Also, please, call a friend, a family member or just someone you have not talked to in years; the feeling of being isolated at this time is a real problem - make someone's day.

We extend our hope and best wishes to all - stay healthy and safe.