Christ United Methodist Church

Christ United Methodist Church
Lakewood Township, Ocean County, New Jersey

Christ United Methodist Church contracted with Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (BES) to complete a Preliminary Assessment in accordance with New Jersey’s requirements for new child care facilities. Since the request post-dated the change in NJ environmental regulations, a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) was required to either complete the site activities or oversee the work.

Philip I. Brilliant, CHMM, LSRP of BES was retained by Christ United Methodist Church to oversee the site activities, including the completion of a Preliminary Assessment in accordance with NJAC 7:26E and prepare a report. Since the investigation revealed no areas of concern (AOC), in addition to completing the Preliminary Assessment Report, Mr. Brilliant completed a Response Action Outcome (RAO) for the project. In accordance with the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) and the Administrative Requirements for Remediation of Contaminated Sites (ARRCS) NJAC 7:26C, a RAO is equivalent to a No Further Action (NFA) letter issued by NJDEP.

From the date of retention to the preparation of an RAO the entire project was completed in 18 business days.

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