Cityworks to Weiss Realty, LLC Neptune Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Cityworks to Weiss Realty, LLC 

Neptune Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 

West Lake Avenue, located in the Township of Neptune, was the former commercial corridor, primarily serving the needs of local residents.  The Avenue was once the home to a number of successful businesses and a thriving social scene. 

CityWorks, a not-for-profit developer, was selected by the Township to revitalize West Lake Avenue, and restore its function to the neighborhood. The project was given a Brownfields Development Area (BDA) designation in 2006 by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  BES is working with City Works to guide them through the Brownfields process, identifying the environmental concerns associated with over 40 properties; targeting and securing the funding options available for remediation and redevelopment.    BES has approached the project on an area-wide basis to maximize resources and streamline remedial efforts. 

CityWorks was able to obtain the No Further Action (NFA) letter with the remediation work completed by Brilliant, however the NFA was conditional due to residual groundwater contamination.  The groundwater contamination was from the former use of chlorinated solvents on site and a classification exception area (CEA) was established at the time of the NFA.  Weiss Realty purchased the property following CityWorks financial decline and retained Brilliant to complete remediation and for the Brilliant LSRP to issue an Unrestricted RAO.  Brilliant was able to complete additional groundwater sampling, install a monitoring well and complete additional remediation to achieve groundwater standards and lift the CEA and issue an Unrestricted RAO. 

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