Environmental Investigation Services in Jackson, Haddonfield, New Brunswick & Linden, NJ

Environmental Investigation Services in Jackson, Haddonfield, New Brunswick & Linden, NJ

Contact Brilliant Environmental Services for SI/RI in Accordance with the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation

Site Investigations (SI) are generally undertaken following the completion of a PA to evaluate an area with the presence or potential presence of environmental liabilities at the subject property. A SI is an intrusive investigation completed to confirm the findings of the PA. A Remedial Investigation (RI) is completed following a SI to finalize delineation of impacts, if necessary. SI/RI may include the following: collection of soil and groundwater samples, tank testing services, tank location services, drilling, and/or test-pitting.

Brilliant performs soil and groundwater investigations to evaluate whether contamination is present on a property and to what extent. This typically involves installing and sampling of well points and/or groundwater observation wells; analyzing unknown residues or wastes; and leak testing, or other evaluation of underground storage tanks/areas of concerns.

Brilliant utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in conducting soil and groundwater investigations, including soil gas monitoring, ground-penetrating radar, and electromagnetic induction. These technologies are accepted by regulatory agencies and can save property owners or other responsible parties both time and money.

Our investigations help to quantify the:

  • Probability of a site problem
  • Extent of the problem
  • Potential financial liability
  • Potential human health effects
  • Technical options for corrective action
  • Cost of corrective action







Brilliant also has strong risk assessment capabilities, including a range of models for complicated situations. Risk assessment has become an important and accepted analytical tool for evaluating the significance of sampling results, particularly when standards do not exist.

A SI/RI Report will summarize the potential magnitude of the environmental impact and recommend solutions or additional investigation.