Environmental Litigation Support in Jackson, Haddonfield, New Brunswick & Linden, NJ

Environmental Litigation Support in Jackson, Haddonfield, New Brunswick & Linden, NJ

Environmental litigation is complex, and a winning litigation strategy typically requires the technical support of environmental professionals in various testifying and supporting roles. Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (Brilliant) staff has been involved in numerous challenging environmental cases, and has consistently worked seamlessly as part of the litigation team in preparing the technical portions of the case. Each type of environmental litigation focuses on a unique set of factual and expert issues ranging from identification of sources and estimate of contribution, to timing of environmental impacts and the aerial and temporal extent of natural resource injury.

Brilliant’s staff has been involved in a wide range of environmental litigation cases including insurance litigation, toxic tort, cost allocation, product liability, and natural resource damages.

Brilliant will perform a thorough analysis of the scientific, engineering and historical facts to establish and present critical aspects of your case. Brilliant staff is skilled at regulatory negotiations and experienced in resolving permitting issues with EPA and state regulatory agencies. Brilliant also will participate in informational meetings and presentations to government officials and the public.

Mr. Philip I. Brilliant, CHMM, LSRP, founder of Brilliant, has over 30 years of experience in hydrogeology, water resources, environmental investigation and remediation, and exposure and risk assessment. He has assisted counsel in a variety of environmental litigation matters, and has provided testimony in numerous cases for clients. He has provided expert reports and testimony in cases involving a variety of sites including residential dwellings, retail service stations, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial and commercial sites facing environmental challenges.

Mr. Brilliant, as well as the highly trained staff at Brilliant is prepared to work on your environmental legal needs. Brilliant has expertise in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but has knowledge and resources to assist on national environmental issues.

The nature of our support varies from case to case, which may include:

  • Expert Witness Services and Report Preparation
  • Developing Technical Strategy in Cooperation with the Client and Counsel
  • Compiling and Evaluating Environmental Data Previously Conducted at the Site
  • Assisting with Depositions of Opposing Experts
  • Cleanup Technology and Cost Evaluation
  • Compliance Evaluation
  • Computer Modeling and Graphics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Performing Historic Technical Analyses
  • Assisting with Preparation for Trial that Includes the Preparation of Courtroom Exhibits