Exciting News at Brilliant - Staff Changes

During this time of change at Brilliant, in our 13th year of providing environmental services in New Jersey, several members of our team have received promotions or renewed responsibilities. They are as follows:

Brian Babcock, LSRP: Brian joined Brilliant in 2014 and has been responsible for remediation on UST, ISRA and redevelopment projects since his arrival. Brian will serve as Director of LSRP/Industrial Services, continuing in his management role of LSRP projects as well as working with responsible parties and developers to achieve cost effective and efficient outcomes to unique remediation projects.

Jonathan Libourel, LSRP: Jon joined Brilliant in 2006, however Phil Brilliant and Jon have worked side by side since 1994; proves some people do like crazy! Jon has been responsible for UST projects for major oil companies and residential heating oil tank remediation, including participating in the stakeholder process for NJAC 7:26F promulgated last August. Jon will serve as Director of UST Operations/Technical Services, responsible for all UST remediation projects, as well as all field services including MPR, tank location services and groundwater/drinking water sampling.

Sara Hodl: Sara joined Brilliant in 2006, left in 2008, however after 5 years away, rejoined Brilliant in 2013. Sara has been responsible for working on due diligence projects as a non-LSRP and handling more complex geologic remediation projects. Sara has a Masters in Geophysics and her diligence and expertise provides support to all clients and staff members as needed. LSRPs always need to rely on experts in areas they are not, Sara is the perfect person for in those situations. Sara will serve as Director of Due Diligence/Geologic Services. Sara will continue to serve at the Brilliant point of contact for all Due Diligence Services.

We appreciate every staff member and are excited that every individual has the opportunity for professional and corporate development. Please contact them directly with any questions on projects and services. Brilliant is making changes for a stronger corporate future.