Homeowner Tank Remediation Project

Homeowner Tank Remediation Project

Lacey Township, Ocean County, New Jersey


Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC was retained by the homeowner to provide remediation services for the release of No. 2 Heating Oil from a former 275-gallon underground storage tank and subsequent release for the replacement 275-gallon above ground storage tank.  The location of the release was adjacent a one-story home which resulted in the release migrating beneath the dwelling. Subsurface conditions would not allow for structural support in place, therefore the house was moved and staged at the rear of the property to perform the required remediation.  The total depth of the remediation was approximately eight and one-half (8.5) feet below grade and yielded close to 160 tons of contaminated soil and 1,700 gallons of impacted groundwater.


Upon completion of soil remediation the site was restored to it pre-remedial state, including topsoil, grass seed and hay and the replacement of all utilities.  BES completed post remedial soil and groundwater sampling as well as reporting to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.


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