New Jersey Turnpike Authority (BEM Systems) Montvale, Bergen County, New Jersey

New Jersey Turnpike Authority (BEM Systems) 

Montvale, Bergen County, New Jersey 

Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC (BES) is the industry leader in mobile and stationary Multi-Phase Recovery Remediation (MPR), otherwise known as High-Vacuum Extraction.  BES mobilized a unit to the project site and operate the unit for an 8 hour event.  BES utilized an onsite storage tank to store all liquids recovered, while treating all vapor phase hydrocarbons using the internal combustion engine (ICE).  BES units are permitted by NJDEP, as well as other local and state agencies, so as to operate units in multiple states.  BES units also have the capability of providing mobile or immediate air-sparging services, using the unit on board compressor, so the units are not only capable of extracting hydrocarbons, but increasing volatility by sparging.  BES MPR reports are available within two weeks of system shut-down.