NJ Underground Storage Tank 14 Day Notification Requirement

NJAC 7:14B-10.1A requires the owner and operator to notify the Department at least 14 days prior to commencing physical on-site work related to installation, substantial modification, or closure of an underground storage tank system, or perform any activity specified in NJAC 7:14B-4, 5, or 6 requiring Department Approval.  Some are confused by this requirement, which went into effect in 2018 and here are 3 issues:

1. Confusion as to what work requires a 14 day notification, and how to administer the notification process.

2. Performing work knowing that a 14 day notification is required, but choosing not to adhere to the notification procedure.

3. Adhering to the 14 day notification process but performing the work sooner than allowed - the next day in some circumstances.

Below are the 14 Day Notification requirements as provided by the NJDEP

Send for:

Installation – tanks/lines

Closure – tank/lines

Anytime a Sub-Mod permit is required

Vapor testing

Decommissioning – before

Post Decommissioning – include PEI checklist & test results (PVV, pressure decay and tie tank)

Vapor test failure – within 72 hours of failure

Submit at least 14 calendar days prior to the start date of work. Email must include:

Registration number (typically 6-digits)

Site name and address

Site contact, name and phone number

Contractor hired, name and address

Scope of work

Start date

Emergency notification (notification given after an emergency repairs) is only for emergencies where there was a danger to either human health or the environment.

All correspondence to be emailed to 14dayUSTnotice@dep.nj.gov

If you wish to send one email with a spread sheet attachment outlining upcoming projects for an entire month - this is also acceptable.

Please understand that although the 14-day rule requirement states that it is up to the owner / operator to send notification, DEP can issue a Notice of Violation and a penalty assessment to a contractor under N.J.A.C. 7:14B-13.9(a)1. Stating the individual or business firm certified will perform all services in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local rules and regulations. This is not something the NJDEP wants to do, however they will for repeat instances with the same contractor.