Brilliant Gives Back

We're a strong believer in giving back and paying it forward. Social, environmental and economic sustainability and corporate social responsibility are at the core of what we focus on.

I want to have an impact in this world, make a difference in people's lives and hopefully leave this place (not now) a lot better than it was when I entered the world. As a result, I made a commitment through Brilliant to contribute to three organizations. The reason these three were selected is that 1) I am a dedicated conservative Jew, raised by my mom to respect and understand the roots of my Jewish culture, history and heritage; 2) I have a huge heart when it comes to kids and I am grateful that my children are healthy and have had the ability to grow into young ladies and the future is bright; and 3) in conjunction with my religious beliefs and the ability to return the earth back to its rightful state as part of my profession, protecting and replenishing nature resources is vital in society and my life.

First, as President of Congregation B'nai Israel(CBI) of Toms River since 2011, I have been an integral part in making it the center of conservative Jewish life in Ocean County. CBI was founded in 1950 and has enabled its members to gather strength from the teachings, traditions and heritage of our ancestors. We aim to instill Jewish values within ourselves and our children and believe strongly in unbreakable kinship of the Jewish people throughout the world. We are Creating Jewish Memories at the Jersey Shore daily!

In 2006, I met a man who changed my life and actual changed the course of my life and I am proud to say today that Adam and Dana Puharic are two of my best friends. Most days they are my inspirations as they turned a time in their life that could have made them lose total faith, into a foundation to help others. On July 29, 2000, Michael Gerard Puharic was born to Dana and Adam with a chromosome disorder known as Trisomy 13. Sadly, Michael's life lasted only 83 hours. While he was not with us long, Michael's legacy lives on and continues to inspire hope. His brave struggle and the love and caring he brought out in people remains an amazing accomplishment - this is Michael's Feat. I am proud to be a Board Member of The Michael Gerard Puharic Memorial Fund, Inc., a local 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing comfort and easing the burden for parents carrying and caring for seriously ill newborns.

I am proud to be the Treasurer of GreenFaith, a religious non-profit organization inspiring, educating, organizing and mobilizing people of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds globally for environmental action. Our work is based on beliefs shared by the world's religious and spiritual traditions. We believe that protecting the Earth is a sacred act, and that environmental stewardship is a moral responsibility.

Given the nature of our business and the focus on organizations that contribute towards organizational, social and environmental good, we receive a lot of requests for partnerships and/or contributions from charities and non-profits. Brilliant firmly believes in charity with clarity. This means that we provide focused financial support in alignment with what we stand for. While we love to support many causes, at this time the three shown above have our commitment. We applaud you for your efforts and wish you the best in doing well in the world.